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Mushroom and Swiss Patty Melts: Grilled Sandwiches for Two

Mushroom and Swiss Patty Melts: Grilled Sandwiches for Two

Make a Patty Melt for dinner tonight. It’s comfort food extraordinaire!

I make patty melts when I want the taste of a grilled burger, but don’t want to fight the mosquitos and stand outside to grill. Plus, I’m pretty sure that you need a Y chromosome to operate a grill. So, when I want burgers, I pull out my trusty cast iron skillet. The one with the perfect patina of oil and flavor; it takes two hands to lift it. But it makes one heck of a patty melt.

I like my patty melts piled high with mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and dripping in spicy brown mustard. Feel free to make your own variation and flavor, but do not skip one step:  make a square-shaped patty. A square patty maximizes the crusty grilled bread to juicy patty ratio.

This recipe only uses one-half pound of ground beef. I recommend 80: 20 beef for burgers. That’s 80% meat and 20% fat. You may use leaner beef, but you will need to grease the pan before cooking the beef. 

This is part one of my series: One Pound Ground Beef, Two Dinners for Two! Don’t miss some of my other sandwiches for two, like this BLT Wrap Recipe.

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