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Steakhouse Grilled Steaks in your home

Steakhouse Grilled Steaks in your home

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It’s easy to grill your own steakhouse-quality steaks in your home. High heat, salt and pepper, and you are good to go! Include a pat of compound butter for a delicious low carb meal.

My spouse and I have a standing date Friday night date night, one that I anticipate all week long. But it’s not a night out on the town, at an expensive dining establishment or bar. We’re much too low-cost for that and don’t love paying a sitter at the very same time as paying through the nose for supper. We keep it simple. Our date night consists of setting the kids up in the playroom with a movie and their own finger-food supper while we delight in a beverage and a show or a film upstairs. And a nice dinner prepared by yours truly, which is nearly invariably grilled steak and veggies. My Friday night grilled steak makes me a really happy lady.

I utilized to let my spouse do all the grilling however I’ve taken over much of the open-flame cooking duties in the past few years. Steak perfectly grilled to medium/medium-rare, resting with a good pat of butter on it when he walks in the door.

So when Kingsford ® asked me to share my best suggestions for barbecuing steakhouse steaks at house, I happily jumped on board. Other tips you desire to keep in mind:

    This is actually important to taking pleasure in steakhouse steaks. Goal for steak that is at least an inch thick, for serious juiciness.
  • Bring the steaks out of the refrigerator early and get them up to space temperature level before barbecuing.
  • SEASON YOUR STEAK WELL WITH SALT AND PEPPER!– Yes, I am screaming because there is absolutely nothing more sad than a perfectly done steak that does not have salt and pepper.
  • As for other rubs and spices, go for it if you desire.
  • Get that grill up to temperature. The finest steak is prepared over high heat and cooked relatively quickly.
    I might burn the outside of the steaks over high heat and then move them to the lower heat side to complete cooking through.
    We all like our steaks done a little differently, so knowing exactly when to take them off is crucial. I never let my steaks go above 140 F, which is simply best for the medium/medium-rare that I enjoy.
  • Some people state to let the meat rest, some say that’s a myth. It’s melted and ideal when it comes time to eat, and the juices from both the steak and the butter will make you desire to lick your plate (I may have done this a few times … alright, every time …).

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Grilled Steak with Rosemary Garlic Parmesan Butter

It’s easy to barbecue your own steakhouse-quality steaks at home.

Course Main Dish

Food American

Preparation Time 15 minutes

Cook Time 15 minutes

Resting Time 5 minutes

Overall Time 35 minutes

Servings 48 ounces of steak

Calories 573 kcal

Active Ingredients

Rosemary Garlic Parmesan Butter:

  • 1/4 cup salted butter softened
  • 2 tbsp chopped fresh rosemary
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 1/4 cup grated parmesan


  • 4 New York Strip or Boneless Rib Eye steaks 1-inch thick each, space temperature level
  • 2 tsp kosher or sea salt more to taste
  • 2 tsp newly ground pepper


  • In a little bowl, integrate butter, rosemary, garlic and parmesan. Mix effectively till well integrated. Transfer to a square of waxed paper and roll into a log. Twist the ends and cool until company.

  • Season steaks generously with salt and pepper on both sides. Let sit while grill is firing up the grill.

  • Preheat grill with Kingsford Expert Briquets (I highly recommend using a charcoal chimney for quick lighting and heating). As soon as coals are glowing hot, distribute them to one side of the grill for a two-zone fire.

  • Place steaks on the grill straight over the coals and cook, undisturbed, for 2 to 3 minutes, viewing thoroughly. Flip and cook on the second side another 2 to 3 minutes. Transfer steaks to the other side of the grill (indirect heat) and continue to cook up until they reach preferred temperature, inspecting typically with an immediate read thermometer. 135 F has to do with right for medium uncommon.

  • Remove to a plate and top each with a pat of the ready substance butter. Let sit 4 or 5 minutes prior to serving.


Makes 4 12- ounce steaks.

Food energy: 573 kcal

Total fat: 31.95 g


Serving: 8 g

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