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Irish Steaks

Irish Steaks

This steak turned out delicious. I initially made it from the UK Allrecipes website. It is the exact same recipe and submitter. I tend to broil or grill steak as I have actually not had much success with steak on the range top. This worked well, for me. I utilized N.Y. strip. Mine, I recognized, were type of on the thin side so I cut in half the other ingredients. I utilized butter with canola oil to make the butter/oil measurements quicker. I prepared the onions on medium up until I just noticed some light browning. The original recipe did not indicate, however I eliminated the onions before adding the meat with a slotted spoon. I began the meat on medium, but had to turn it up to about 6.5 to complete browning. I was stressed that the bourbon would be too strong, since I don’t care for it. It more or less just softened it. I put it straight over the steak and added about 1-2 more minutes to the steak. I did not prepare the caramelized onions in the whiskey either. I enjoyed my steak. ty

Great, this recipe turned out a very tasty and tender steak. I would recommend getting rid of the onions after caramelizing a bit, prior to adding the steak to the pan. My steaks took about 8 minutes total and by then the onions were blackening. Next time I’ll include a touch of cream to the whiskey sauce and simmer a bit. Do not be afraid of the bourbon leaving too strong a taste, it does not!

This was really tasty! I utilized two ribeyes and served this with Smoked Bacon and Irish Cheese Mash. Flambe them if you can, it helps soften the whiskey flavor. Thank you !!

Success at our home. I used a big fat london broil which needed a great deal of additional cooking time.

Excellent taste combination, however after trying it the method composed, I attempted the mix in a different method. 1. Dry the steaks well (put them on a wire rack for a couple hours in the fridge. Actually, if you can do this for a day or more, that works far better). 2. Salt and pepper the steaks. Rub in well and let stand at space temperature level for an hour or so. 3. Sear the steaks in half the butter and half the oil over relatively high heat for about 2 minutes each side. Remove to a little sheet pan and location in a 250 degree oven for 15 minutes. 4. Include staying butter and oil to the pan, and saute the onions and garlic till transparent. Deglaze with the whiskey and simmer to decrease. 5. Serve the medium-rare crust-to-crust steaks with the onion/garlic/whiskey over the top.

Okay this was a terrific dish!!! My Hispanic son-in-law stated he truly liked Irish food I served this with colcannon and a side vegetable. What a great meal. Thanks for sharing this one with us.

My Iowa farm lady partner thought this was among the very best steaks we ever prepared and she’s quite selective about her steak. I slivered the garlic clove and placed them into slits when i ended up with the rubbing.

the taste was alright. i definatly would change up the dish next time and make certain the steaks are not frozen and fresh.

Terrific recipe. I utilized Delmonico steaks instead of sirloin. I think they take the tastes on better. Try adding sliced white or infant Bella mushrooms to the onions. Bellas offer the meal a great woody note. Likewise have a look at my blog site www.jeffskitchen.net for a terrific dish for smashed salt and vinegar potatoes. I served them with your steak and they were incredible together!

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