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Chocolate Raspberry Green Smoothie

Chocolate Raspberry Green Smoothie

Thank you Blender Babes, for the Amazon Card and the opportunity to purchase a refurbished Blendtec. I could not have afforded it otherwise. ~ Anne

THANK YOU SO MUCH, we have killed the last 2 blenders in our family of 4. My kids will be so happy to be able to make awesome smoothies. Really impressed with your site. ~ DeLibero Family

As an applaud to your site, I am returning my recently purchased but unopened Blendtec 570 and getting the refurbished Blendtec Classic based on your reviews and promotions. ~ Cameron

I feel so light and all clean now. My junk food craving has gone down. This is sooo good to be a lifestyle change. ~ Manasa

I wanted to thank you and your team for the information provided, which encouraged me to finally by a Vitamix after all this time. My family & I absolutely love it, smoothies will never be the same. ~ Mark

I put my new Blendtec to good use today making a pretty amazing fiber rich juice. I didn’t even have to cut anything I I put in it. Very impressive! 🙂 ~ Matt

I really enjoy your website and videos. So much so that I ordered a Blendtec today! It’s obvious that you have passion for this topic. We are looking forward to more healthy, whole food eating! ~ Chris

My mood and my health both got better. I am recovering from a surgery, and I think that the smoothies helped with that recovery. ~ Lisa

Thank you for your great blender reviews and recipes, my wife is super excited about her new blender. Keep up the great work! ~ Harold

Thanks for the gift card! I am looking forward to grinding my own sprouted grain flour at home!~ Elizabeth

Thank you, Ladies. The blender is astonishingly powerful. Thank you!~ Gene

Thank you so much for the Amazon gift card! I purchased my reconditioned Vitamix through your website’s recommendation, and our family is having a great time using it.~ Kelly

Thank you so much for your site in helping me understand which blender is right for me!~ Heather

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