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Chickpea Crêpe “Tacos” With Eggplant and Lamb

Chickpea Crêpe “Tacos” With Eggplant and Lamb

  • This was great, but a little dull. I wound up adding more cumin and salt, in addition to Aleppo Pepper and capers to the lamb/eggpant mix. Served with greek yogurt (thinned with a little water), arugula, and homemade pita

  • I had to make a few replacements but it was an actually nice meal, well balanced and scrumptious. Served topped with yogurt as suggested, some greens and cilantro. Crepes offered no difficulty on a non-stick pan, but made them a bit thicker.

  • Woo this was GOOD. Made everything on the outside frying pan and worked ideal. Just changes were 1 pound lamb and added an egg to the batter. They worked ideal, no concerns with breaking down. Devoured them! Even took the leftovers the next early morning, sauteed with rushed eggs and made breakfast tacos! NOM.

  • Enjoyed this healthy meal with some modifications. Filling is fine as is, however added red pepper delighted in the a little zaatar per prior comment. Massaged kale with lemon and little bit EVOO and added a little honey to yogurt side. The big problem is the crepe. Even with egg and EVOO it will separate after sitting a while with filling. Possibly due to utilizing Greek yogurt, I have actually had much better luck with milk, egg and oil, in previous and will return to that next time round and there will be a next time. I was also happier with a soupier consistency that managed a thinner crepe, so do not fear the liquid and change as required. 3 to 3.5 stars as composed with much capacity.

  • Delicious meal-in-one dish. The crepes are excellent with the addition of an egg to bind them, however a little labor extensive. If you’re making this for guests you’ll be hovering over the range for 30 minutes right prior to it’s time to consume. Made the filling a day ahead. Really tasty combination of tastes. If you can’t discover chickpea flour specifically, take a look at the active ingredient list on a gluten totally free flour- typically made from chickpeas.

  • My apologies for improperly mentioning that dosa are from chickpea flour. They are gluten complimentary though!

  • I concur with ZHADU FROM MEXICO, corn tortillas are gluten free. Also, they’re quite simple to make. Chickpea crepes are common in Indian cooking where they are called dosa. Anyone having problem with this recipe might get some pointers by enjoying videos of dosa being made.

  • Yeah, the crepes are thick and they disintegrate when made as directed. I added an egg and some oil and used about 1/4 cup of the batter per crepe. Swirling this quantity in a 6 inch (at the base) non stick skillet (with a mist of olive oil spray) offers a completely sized and incredibly elastic crepe to hold all the tasty filling!

  • The chickpea crepe tacos break down very quickly. The taste is fine, but these are not tacos that you can get and eat easily. I will utilize soft corn tacos next time because nobody takes a look at the plated food and believes “knife and fork.”

  • I doubled the recipe with no problems. Eggplant takes some time to cook down, however this recipe is a keeper. These are more like crepes and not tacos so they will break if you attempt to consume like tacos.

  • No requirement for this stupidity; corn tortillas are gluten-free, you dumbasses.

  • You can find chick pea flour at any Indian grocery identified as Besan flour. We have been doing it for several years. Try adding some red chilies, cilantro. I usually include other spices too. If your pancakes break attempt including 1 egg and 1 tablespoon oil. It will hold it well. This is good recipe never tried with lamb and eggplant. Will try next time

  • These were very delicious and various enough from standard taco fare. The lamb eggplant combo truly makes it, and the chickpea crepes were very simple once I discovered the flour. Utilize the crepes immediately, the “ripping” problem only occurred once they had actually sat for awhile. Will absolutely make again.

  • The chickpea tacos were a discovery! I could not discover the pure garbazo flour locally, so I utilized Bob’s Red Mill GF flour mix which is mostly chickpea flour instead. Fabulous! tender (due to the yogurt, I think), however durable sufficient to hold up to the filling. The filling was OK though boring. It did not have sufficient spices, so I tinkered to get the right North African zing. I doubled the garlic, added more salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and cumin. Included between 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of coriander, cinnamon, ginger, and garlic powder. I likewise include the juice of a 1/4 of a big lime to stabilize the spice. With those adjustments, the filling was tangy without being too hot, and was a big, big hit with my supper visitors. This is not a quick preparation, so next time I’ll save it for a weekend, or do the taco crepes beforehand. It is absolutely a keeper.

  • The chickpea tacos were a discovery! I doubled the garlic, included more salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and cumin. This is not a fast prep, so next time I’ll save it for a weekend, or do the taco crepes in advance.

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