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Bourbon Brisket and Sweet Potato Hash

Bourbon Brisket and Sweet Potato Hash


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Normally speaking, hash is made from remaining meat and potatoes.
It’s a great method of repurposing food in the refrigerator.

That stated, hash is great enough– and comforting enough– to be made from scratch for satisfaction’s sake. This version combines tender, whiskey-marinated brisket with sweet potatoes and Serrano peppers for a blast of sweet heat. A touch of maple syrup and dash of Worcestershire tie the whole thing together.

If you’re opposed to making the meat even if, feel free to substitute leftover sliced up beef short ribs, steak, or roast. It ‘d work with ordinary potatoes, too, so go ahead and use Idahos or Yukon Golds if that’s what you have actually got. Feel in one’s bones the flavor profile will alter. Serve it along with a gently poached or lightly fried egg.

Note: I decided to prepare the potatoes in a two-part process, initially in the oven and then in the pan. It speeds up the process overall, while assisting to keep their shape undamaged. If you want to prepare the potatoes totally in the pan, do not hesitate to; simply provide an extra 15 minutes or so cooking time.

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