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Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese Sauce

Somehow a rich sauce and pasta seemed too heavy for a baby. All I could picture was one of the Sopranos slurping up spaghetti bolognese with noodles dripping all over. Then I remembered my love of tiny letter and number pasta as a kid. It was so much fun making out what all the symbols and shapes were in soup or sauce. Kenya’s still under 1 years old, but he loves everything in bolognese, so why not make a version that adults and kids will love?

While I was making it for him, our friend Dana, the chinese Doctor, was over and wanted to know if she could try it. “Delicious”, she exclaimed. Perfect, now I know what we’re having for dinner. Kenya’s unpureed sauce. Bon Appetito!

We used these to make this recipe_


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