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Apple Cider Braised Lamb Shanks

Apple Cider Braised Lamb Shanks


These apple cider braised lamb shanks are fall off the bone tender with caramelized, crispy bits and sweet apple and onion pieces.

This post is in collaboration with the American Lamb Board. All material and opinions are my own.

Apple season is a big offer here in NY.

Every weekend, droves of people from the city attack our local orchards making a phenomenon of picking apples off trees and getting in their yearly “farm experience”.

The quantity of traffic and congestion they give the roadways and regional farms is so off-putting we don’t even trouble with the entire ordeal anymore or, at least ensure to go throughout the week instead.

Fortunately, I do not really appreciate apple picking or apples in general for that matter (they’re just not my favorite fruit) but apple cider (and apple cider donuts!) are a whole other matter completely.


Ulysses will happily guzzle apple cider directly from the container like he’s a kid however I prefer to discover ways to cook with it rather.

Its sweet (but not extremely so like apple juice) taste along with that bit of tang makes it an outstanding option for including soups, stews and meat pairings this time of year.

And, it’s what immediately came to mind for these stunning family owned farm raised American lamb shanks.

Sub the apple juice for apple cider in these sticky maple apple ribs!

You know those weekend days where you simply have the desire to prepare something long and slow on the stovetop and fill your house with the aroma of something scrumptious to come for supper?

This apple cider braised lamb is just the important things for those days.

This might sound weird to state however the smell that originates from lamb braising in apple cider with shallots and apple slices for 2 hours is something you’ll want to shut in into a candle.

Brandy was over the day I made this and her response when she strolled in was “it smells like a tasty apple crisp in here!”.